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The Blakeye. My introvision.

Some common synonyms for the phrase "black eye" are blemish, shiner, dishonor, disgrace and shame. None of these are really appealing so I decided to take a more liberal approach to how I define the Blakeye. My heritage is interwoven with Black and Spanish roots by way of Panama where my father introduced me to the world of photography and graphic design at an early age. I was taught that art comes from within and the manner in which we choose to express that creativity will ultimately become our avatar in society. With that being said, I find it ironic that my love of comics, anime, video games, action figures and Hip-Hop became the foundation from which my own Blakeyes were formed.

The blending of action figures and Hip-Hop is not new, but i'd like to think that my vision of it adds something different to the mix. My featured collection is titled Articulated Blakness and it contains 18 different black action figure portraits to check out.


I make music, take pictures of toys and sometimes create visuals to capture moments when my energy dictates. After years of procrastination and self doubt I am now at a place in time where I felt it was necessary to have my own digital space to share my perspective and allow it room to resonate. 


And if you read this far, thank you....You are definitely appreciated.

Stay creative my friends.

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